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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Townhouse ₱ 1,060,000 Lot Area : 40 sqm / Floor Area : 48 sqm

Sample Computation: (Pag-Ibig Financing- Phase 1)
Townhouse-Bare-(Provision 2BR/1 T &B)
Lot Area: 40 sqm
Floor Area: 48sqm

Total Contract Price : Php 1,060,000
Down Payment : 160,000
Less promo: Php 80,000
Net DP: Php 80,000
Less Reservation Fee : Php 20,000

Balance Down Payment 60,000 (payable within 7 days)
Lonable Amount: 900,000
Monthly Amort: 6,920 plus MRI / FI

Note: Prices may change without prior notice.

Not only do Neo Vista Homes afford the opportunity to improve a Filipino family’s lifestyle today but, as a financial investment, they can also provide a stepping stone to further improvements in the future. As with most properties, the homes at Neo Vista Homes will increase in value over the years but because of the location of these homes and the proximity of facilities and the amenities already on site, these will probably increase in value at a far faster rate than most, providing a good, solid financial investment against further improvements in the future.

The amenities provided within the project means that families can enjoy recreational time together without the hassles associated with travel and also because of them being situated close to many worksites and schools, those times for recreation will increase and last longer, helping to unify a family and keep it close.

As Caloocan City is part of Metro Manila though, all that a nation’s capital has to offer is also easily accessible when and if needed without having to experience the hassles usually associated with life in a country’s major city. As the city is already well developed, catering to an already large population, all the infrastructure needed for an active lifestyle are present but because of the exclusivity of Neo Vista Homes, the capital’s stresses and dangers are excluded from any resident’s lifestyle.

Neo Vista Homes therefore offer opportunities for a family’s, improved lifestyle at a reasonable cost and promotes a healthy and stress free life for all the family members. The advantages of city life without its disadvantages and a comfortable, sophisticated lifestyle without stress are all things which are hard to find in this modern world, especially at the prices which Neovista Homes are asking for their properties at Neo Vista Homes, Caloocan City and so opportunities like the ones offered by these homes are rare to find, especially considering the easy payment terms which are also offered.

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