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Having considered the location of a new home, along of course with the price and the size and suitability, one of the first things a potential resident is interested in is how secure the home will be and how safe it will be for their families to live there. At Neo Vista Homes any potential resident need not worry on those things as the developer not only provided the homes with a 24 hour security but there is also a sub-division police station at the entrance to the homes ensuring the security of the home and the safety of the resident’s family, even when they may be at work.

Recreational amenities provided by the developer of Neo Vista Homes include:


A clubhouse is a great asset to any residential development as it is more than just a place where different residents can meet and get to know one another, it can also serve as the venue for a family reunion or as the venue for a works get-together. Perhaps the best benefit of having a clubhouse on site is the fact that any social activities can take place in it without your home having to be disrupted or the need for you to travel to enjoy the occasion, whatever it may be.

Basketball Court

As basketball becomes an increasingly more popular sport throughout the world, an increasing number of residential developments are including them in their plans. The availability of a court next to your home means that you can practice any time night or day and it provides a venue where you can hold friendly competitions among residents or even against other residential sub-divisions. Any sport of course is helpful in keeping residents fit and healthy without having to rely on just jogging along sometimes busy roads.


Having a playground at Neo Vista Homes is perhaps the most beneficial for residents with small children as it provides their children with a safe playing area, free from the dangers associated with busy roads, crowds and other dangers posed by living in or near a city.

Concrete Roads

Not only does the provision of concrete roads throughout the Neo Vista Homes complex mean that a vehicle will experience less wear and tear but it also means that the streets are safe for children to cycle on or walk by the side of.

It are these amenities which help to make Neo Vista Homes a great place for a relaxing, stress-free and safe environment in which a family can improve its quality of life and live the sophisticated lifestyle for which they work so hard to achieve.

  • Police Station & 24 hour Security
  • Access to Public Transport
  • Flood Free zone
  • Allocation for Commercial Space
  • Maynilad water connection
  • P40 per cubic meter
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